With the Last Jedi, Disney has surpassed an important milestone. Disney purchased all of Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4.06 billion. At the time it was an amazing purchase that everyone knew would pay off, but when? Seems like that time is now!

With the box office from The Last Jedi, the Disney era Star Wars movies have already grossed more at the box office than the studio paid to purchase Lucasfilm.

Though the exact figures for the Thursday box office are not currently available, the actual tally will surely put THE LAST JEDI’s total over $900 million worldwide. Between that and the final global hauls of THE FORCE AWAKENS ($2.068 billion) and ROGUE ONE ($1.056 billion), the recent STAR WARS movies have raked in around $4.06 billion at the global box office (per THR).

The Last Jedi still has a long way to go, but this serves as a good reminder that we’ve really only just begun. Disney is going to be making money from Star Wars until long after we’re all gone.

There is no way to find out how much Disney has actually made thru all the MERCH and other outlets it uses to distribute Star Wars, but looking back now $4 Billion is looking like chump change. Don’t forget that Disney now has the right’s to the original trilogy thanks to its aquistion of Fox. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, this is all thanks to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who has made the studio arguably the most dominant that Hollywood has ever seen. With Star Wars having pretty much already paid for itself, that is going to be a cash cow that other studios can only dream of.


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