If a hero is only as good as their villain, then “Shazam!” is looking to stack the odds with not just one villain but possibly four. Exclusive new character breakdowns for the upcoming 2019 film reveals that Shazam will face three members of the infamous Sivana Family and another character who is quite literally shrouded in mystery.

It’s not a big surprise that Shazam will be going up against his arch nemesis, Thaddeus Bodog Sivana AKA Doctor Sivana. However, it’s a surprise that he’ll be a sorcerer rather than a scientist, as the character breakdown reveals:

THADDEUS BODOG SIVANA – “Evil sorcerer who regenerates from death with world domination on his mind.” Supporting Lead Male

The Doctor Sivana character has turned to magic before, particularly in The New 52 “Justice League” comics, but he was always a scientist first. This breakdown makes him sound more like Mumm-Ra from Thundercats and since his full name is used rather than “Doctor Sivana”, I think it’s safe to say the filmmakers are going to take some creative liberties with the character. Actor Mark Strong confirmed his attachment to the role over the weekend.

As if our hero didn’t have his hands full already, he’ll also have to deal with Doctor (Mr.?) Sivana’s oldest daughter, Beautia Sivana, and his oldest son, Magnificus Sivana. They are described as:

BEAUTIA SIVANA – “Sivana’s devoted daughter. When he does not return her love, she changes loyalties and helps Billy out.” Supporting Lead Female

MAGNIFICUS SIVANA – “Sivana’s incredibly giant and strong son that has a huge battle with Shazam.” Supporting Lead Male

Beautia and Magnificus Sivana have been long-time allies of Shazam in the comics. When it comes to Beautia it looks like the film is going to remain faithful to the source material. However, since so little is said about Magnificus we’ll just have to speculate if he’ll follow his sister and ally himself with Shazam or if the filmmakers will take some more creative liberties and keep him strictly as a villain.

Rounding out the cast is the one character who is absolutely integral to Billy Batson’s/Shazam’s origin story and that’s the wizard Shazam who bestows the young Billy with his powers.

SHAZAM – “Elderly wizard who is forced to give his powers to a young boy before the boy is ready.” Supporting Lead Male 

However, the most interesting piece of news lies with the character who doesn’t seem to have a name.

MYSTERIOUS MAN – “Shazam’s underling.” Cameo Male

The role is a cameo and the character’s name is little more than a description; it’s possible that this is just to cover-up that Dwayne Johnson will finally be making his debut as Black Adam. Now we all know that at last year’s Comic-Con Geoff Johns announced that Black Adam would not be appearing in “Shazam!” but that was before Walter Hamada became the new President of DC-Based Film Production. It’s more than possible that the regime change has brought about a change of plans for Black Adam’s debut as well.

So which “Shazam!” news are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!



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