Somehow, Gotham is a show that still exists. The mangling of every character in the Batman mythos, ridiculous plots, and blatant misogyny of Jim Gordon were enough for me to check out during season one, but there are apparently enough of you still tuning in for Gotham to be in the middle of its fourth season.

Over the course of those four seasons, Gotham has introduced variations on a number of Batman’s rogues, and comings up next year Gotham will be unveiling its second interpretation of the Scarecrow.


Scarecrow has already made an appearance on Gotham during season one in the guise of Gerald Crane, the father of Johnathan Crane, the man who typically wears the Scarecrow mask. Now, the younger Johnathan will be taking his rightful place as the master of fear, as this character breakdown reveals:

[JONATHAN CRANE] Male, Early to Mid 20s. Caucasian. After being dosed with a fear toxin developed by his late father, Jonathan Crane was paralyzed by fear, until he learned to turn that fear on others. Dressing up as a scarecrow, he now uses home-made fear toxin to terrorize Gotham. Erratic, terrifying, and psychopathic, he no longer identifies as “Jonathan Crane,” preferring to go by his true name — “Scarecrow”…. RECURRING GUEST STAR, ALSO APPEARS IN EPISODE 417 & EPISODE 418

Now, it will come as no surprise to Gotham fans that Crane is going to be on the show; it’s already been announced that he is. The news here is that we now know when he’ll be appearing again, in the starting with the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of the season and recurring in multiple episodes after that.

So there you have it. Scarecrow’s gonna be on Gotham. Are you excited? Are you (yes, you) one of the people actually still watching? Can you explain why? Sound off in the comments.

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