Neither the premise nor the title is original, but that doesn’t stop this comic special from being a fun ride. Harley Quinn Be Careful What You Wish For – Special #1 is the final comic featuring the work of power couple Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti. For over 4 years, and 34 Harley Quinn solo issues, the couple has taken the New 52 and Rebirth iterations of the character to new heights. The series has consistently produced interesting storylines, developed Harley into a three dimensional character, and kept it as one of DC’s best sellers. There is a new team taking over the Harley Quinn Rebirth series, but for now let’s dive into this special one off.

The story opens with Harley hanging out at the beach on a lovely warm day which is a cruel tease for the entire east coast considering the arctic tundra that they are dealing with right now. Our titular character experiences everyone’s worst nightmare in the ocean when she feels a sting on her butt cheek. She thinks it’s a fish, but one of the more interesting looking characters, Eggy, tells her it’s a needle. YUCK! And the whole picture opens up to show the audience of just how much trash is polluting the water and the beach. Harley and friends seem to be over the whole “I just got stuck with a sketchy needle”, and decide to go eat. Harley is craving pizza and I can’t blame her. She’s east coast all the way.

We learn that some ships are dumping garbage into the water, but no one can pinpoint exactly where these ships are coming from since they all take the same route. Eggy tries to take the diplomatic approach, but Harley isn’t here for it. She goes out on a one person inflatable raft and confronts the crew of the giant ship armed with a bazooka. The captain is like “aww how cute”, and proceeds to ask her to mind her own business. The waves get a little too crazy causing the clown princess to slip in her raft and fire her bazooka. WHOOPS!

The mishap causes Harley to almost drown, but not before she finds a charming looking bottle. Mysterious arms pull her up, and it’s…..POWER GIRL! Fortunately, Harley didn’t kill anyone or herself since Power Girl came and saved the day. The reunion is short lived, and Power Girl is up, up, and away. Alone with her newly acquired treasure, Harley hides underneath a pier, and opens the bottle which reveals a genie. I’m guessing rubbing the thing isn’t a necessity. Is that just an Aladdin thing?? Doing away with the three wishes trope, Harley gets to have as many wishes as she wants. You start to wonder how this will end.

A series of hijinks and cameos occur including Harley wishing that her pet beaver, Bernie, were still alive. The genie grants this wish, but Bernie immediately kicks the bucket again due to his permanent mortal wounds. She then wishes that she were back with Mistah J, and that he would be nicer to her, but he turns out to be too nice….and I guess has a career as a dentist??

My favorite wish of Harley’s has to be when she wishes that she were a part of the Justice League. Harley is immediately transported into the middle of a raging battle where it’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman against Lex Luthor. Breaking the code of honor, Harley does what she does best, and takes the easy way out. She literally blows his brains out. Batman, and Wonder Woman look like pissed off mom and dad, and Superman looks like he is concerned that he’ll have to spend more time adulting with Lois. It’s one of the funniest panels in this issue. It’s also funny given the IDGAF about killing and branding people attitude that the DCEU Batman is sporting.

Batman, and Wonder Woman preach to Harley about how they don’t straight up murder people (yeah ok Batsy). Harley calls them out on that bull with the counter one two punch that they are making things worse by continuously throwing these villains in a jail that they always escape from. Gotta love some of the meta commentary that this series provides. Wonder Woman entraps Quinn in her lasso while Batman restrains her from behind, and this gets Harley all hot in the pants as she thinks that they are going to finally throw down in the sheets. Serious hilarity in this scene. Sorry clown princess….but you’re going to jail!

Many more wishes and backfires occur, and finally in a moment of frustration Harley wishes that her genie didn’t have powers.  Her genie is now powerless, and mortal. She immediately regrets this move when she learns that she can’t undo her wish. Harley tries to rectify this by becoming his life coach of sorts including teaching him how to….hmmm how do I say this…..take a crap in the bathroom. The comic special ends on a note of friendship, food, and a message to enjoy what you already have, the simpler things.

All in all this is a good special to have especially since it’s the last issue from the two people who helmed the comic series since its debut. I would rate this issue a 4/5.

Harley Quinn Be Careful What You Wish For – Special #1 is Now Available Online and at your Local Comic Shop.

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