legion fx season 2 10 episodes

Since Legion ended in March of 2017, the wild and twisted world is on it’s way back to FX, but it’s coming back a little later than fans were expecting.

During FX’s presentation at TCA 2018, the creator of Legion, Noah Hawley, and the stars of the Marvel-inspired series, took to the stage to talk all about the highly-anticipated second season. They started the panel off by revealing the next installation of Legion was premiering on FX in April. But no firm release date was confirmed yet.

This isn’t a real surprise considering the fact it’s only January and no real solid news has been announced. Some fans will be slightly disappointed that the new episodes will be coming in the spring but the first season premiered last February, so it’s not a shock it’s premiering a little later this year.

The fans of this series, which is based on the X-Men of the same name, have been anxiously awaiting the second season following the cliffhanger at the end of season 1.

If you recall, season 1 ended with Oliver running off with Lenny and David being sucked into a floating orb.

Now, that sounds crazy, but that why the fans love it.

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