Red Dead Redemption

For anyone that remembers, last year at the final Nintendo Direct event, it was announced that Bethesda was bringing Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus to the system. Which is amazing, because bringing that third-party support to the Switch is perfect for these games to get ported to another console. Well, we could be in for another one-two punch as early as next week.

A Reddit user by the name of DasVergeben has posted a slew of reported titles that are said to be announced during the Nintendo Direct event, which is reportedly happening next week. For those that do know, this Reddit user was the one who correctly predicted that the Ninja Turtles were coming to Injustice 2 this year.

The first game that is supposedly getting announced is Grand Theft Auto V. Now, having a port for this game on the Switch is not a bad idea. It actually makes sense, because it sold 70 million copies worldwide and it has become the game of choice for both campaign and online multiplayer fans. In addition to that, DasVergeben also suggests that Red Dead Redemption will have a remastered port for the Switch as well.

These games would follow Rockstar’s release of L.A. Noire from last year. And that release was well received, specifically since the game took advantage of the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Both Nintendo and Rockstar haven’t said anything about this, so until either company makes any sorta announcement, this is still a rumor. Another thing to consider is the hard drive spaces for the games. GTA V is going to require a great deal of space, similar to what L.A. Noire requires, but Red Dead Redemption could get away with working on a 32GB cartridge.

There still is the possibility of Nintendo prepping their 64GB formatted cartridges with these specific games in mind for them. And if that’s the case, it’s estimated for a summer release. It’s been said in the past that if that happens, it would happen until 2019, but just to get Rockstar’s games on the shelf, is the one exception to that rule.

Nintendo hasn’t announced when their first Nintendo Direct for the year is, but it’s expected to be announced any day now. And hopefully, we’ll see GTA V and Red Dead Redemption kick the show off with a bang.

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