IDW Publishing is releasing a new comic series, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. This series will focus on Leia, Rey, Hera, Padme, and Ahsoka, and Rose and Paige from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The first issue focuses on Leia. And what I like about this new mini-series is that this is taking strong female Star Wars characters and using the storylines of the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated shorts to make one incredible comic book.

The first one is a Leia issue. What I love most about her in this issue is they use flashbacks in between telling the story, which I do appreciate and love. For me, flashbacks in comics are something that gives the reader a look back to something that happened before.

Leia was with Hera in this issue.  And I love the dynamic between these characters. And you even get an appearance from Darth Vader towards the end of the comic.

I haven’t seen a lot of comics that have focused on female characters recently. But now with this mini-series getting released, I do see this possibly becoming a brand new series that IDW could release and have it focus on Leia, Rey, Hera, Padme, Ahsoka, Rose, and Paige. And not only focus on them, but also bring in other iconic characters from Star Wars lure, like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and even Chewie.


My rating for this comic is going to be 5/5 hashtags. I love the story, Leia is so beautifully well written. And the transitions between the flashbacks and the story were beautifully done. And I would strongly recommend this little series to anyone who is a fan of the Forces of Destiny animated shorts because it feels like it’s one of the animated shorts when you read it.

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