One of the biggest problems that fans had with The Last Jedi was the way that Snoke was killed and nothing was answered about his origins.

Rian Johnson even went on to say that Snoke’s origins wouldn’t have served the direct narrative in The Last Jedi.

Well, recently Johnson added to reasonings. While speaking at a BAFTAS Q&A, he suggested his origins might be revealed in Episode 9.

According to Cinema Blend, the Johnson said: “In this particular story, it’s much more like the original trilogy, where with Snoke if you think about the actual scenes, if suddenly I had paused one of the scenes to give a 30 second monologue about who he was, it would have kind of stopped the scene in its tracks, I realized.

“Even though it could have been interesting, something that fans were interested in, as storytellers, we have to kind of serve what the scenes need to be.”

Johnson added: “It was a tough thing, even though I knew some fans were interested in it, I also knew it wasn’t something that dramatically had a place in this movie.

“Hopefully it can be addressed elsewhere or even J.J. may address it in the next movie.

“But it’s not something that’s particularly interesting to Rey, so we kind of had to follow through.”

I’m assuming that while making The Force Awakens, J.J. had a backstory already in mind for Snoke. So I’m curious to see if we finally see his vision of Snoke.

What do you guys think? Should JJ finally reveal who Snoke was?

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