Solo: A STAR WARS STORY is less than 5 months away from its worldwide release and we still don’t have a damn trailer.

Since the film has had a “troubled” production with script issues, director changes, and reshoots, Disney has not been able to promote its next standalone film like they have with past Star Wars films.

One way to calm fans fears would be an EPIC action-packed trailer. Disney needs to create some buzz or this film will bomb, which is already projected.

For the past couple years Disney and Lucasfilm have had a standard way of releasing its Star Wars trailers. In the past, they’ve either aired during halftime of a Monday Night Football game or on its flagship morning show GMA.

On January 8 Ron Howard reassured fans desperate to see the trailer: “Hang in there. Now that Episode 8 is out there, it won’t be long.”

Numerous Star Wars fan sites are now suggesting the first official look at Han, Chewbacca and their new friends in action will happen on January 15.

Star Wars site Fansided confirmed today that the general wisdom has “January 15 as the current front-runner.”

Then Star Wars Legacy tweeted: “Rumor: #SOLO teaser to drop January 15 on GMA.”

All fingers point to next week, so let’s hope we get some Han and Lando Falcon fun.


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