What if Rey turned to the Dark Side?

That’s the question that Angel “Saint” Lopez — the Brooklyn based digital artist who goes by the name SonofSaint, and whose work has been featured in the likes of BuzzfeedThe New York Daily NewsThe NY Post, and more — asked when he put together his latest piece, which was also his first for 2018.

Promising to release a whole new series of pieces for his upcoming 2018 comics convention appearances, Lopez’s first piece is sure to be a treat for Star Wars fans, who watched The Last Jedi with anticipation to see if Rey (Daisy Ridley) would, in fact, turn to the Dark Side.

Incorporating elements from the legendary Sith Lords of Star Wars’ past — check out Darth Vader’s red saber, Darth Sidious’ crepe-paper skin, Darth Maul’s unique markings, and even Kylo Ren’s robe! — Lopez says that he’d hoped that Rey turned away from the light in the latest installment of the Skywalker saga.

“I definitely wish Rey would have given in [to the Dark Side],” he said. “I think she’d have been even more powerful than Vader!”

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