Photo: Chandan Khanna/Getty Images

If I told you that That Last Jedi is being dominated in the Chinese box office by The Ex-Files 3: Return Of The Exes, you’d probably laugh. Well, it’s true!

Jedi opened in second place in the country (the last major release area for the film), despite appearing on a tremendous number of screens and receiving the full backing of Disney’s marketing machine.

The film earned $8.28 million in its first week (including midnight screenings and previews). That fell far short of the $15.7 million earned by The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes, the final installment in the epic Chinese comedy. (seriously?)

China has never really been hit by the Star Wars bug like the US or Europe has. The Force Awakens earned $124 million during its run in the country but was only the 13th most popular film of the year. Last year’s Rogue One took in $69.5 million last year.

In all honesty, the numbers in China really won’t hurt Jedi in the long run. It’s already topped a billion dollars and is the #8 film all-time in the box-office with plenty of time to climb more spots.

In case you wondering, feast your eyes on the epicness that is The EX-Files 3: Return of the Exes!

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