Comic books and the superheroes contained within them have been a big part of life for millions of people around the world for many years. There has often been a discussion about which superhero is the best? Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? Just like the heroes, the villains are hugely popular too, as they play a key role in what makes a good comic book story. Why is it though that we worship superheroes, and why are they so popular?

First of all, we’re introduced to superheroes at a very young age. They’re seen as good characters, good people, who are always trying to do the right thing for the benefit of others, and the world in general. In the main, we all grow up idolizing superheroes and this is a good thing as it sees strong morals develop. It serves to reinforce our sense of morals and justice, in a world where good always triumphs over evil; and crimes never pays.

When reading comic books, no matter what age, readers tend to view the main characters as people and apply the storyline to real life. This goes some way to developing the readers’ own emotions and outlook on things. If for example somebody is faced with a moral conundrum they can call on their knowledge of superheroes in order to make the correct choice. This is because the battle between superheroes and villains is literally just good vs evil. Like celebrities, we idolize the likes of Superman, based on their behavior. It’s also said that superheroes do have an impact on the reader’s psychologically, in terms of their levels of aggression for example.

The influence of comic book superheroes has become that strong that we have since seen them appear in many other different forms including gambling. There have been numerous TV shows and films based on superheroes, as well as video games. Not only that, but we’ve even seen mainstream online slot sites like PartyCasino take advantage of just how popular superheroes have become in modern day society by offering slot games based on them for their customers to play. People literally can’t get enough of characters from both Marvel and DC Comics and whether it’s a game, comic book, film or TV show; there will always be interest.

In some ways you could say that we worship superheroes because they always seem to make the right decisions, often saving the world from evil. We aim to be like them, in the sense that they have strong morals and values; which we look to carry into everyday life. What also helps is that we are introduced to the likes of Superman, Batman and Iron Man from such a young age, that we grow up with an understanding of the character and therefore of what’s right and what’s wrong. Stories involving superheroes can also be written in order to bring to light problems in modern day society, and this will directly influence a lot of people’s behavior going forward.

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