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While reading thru random Star Wars forums on reddit today, an interesting rumor came up a couple times.

The rumor in question explains that Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger were not happy with all the fan backlash after the release of the film.

If the rumor is legit, Disney will be releasing a new Star Wars novel – a Star Wars Episode 8.5 as you will – which will explain a lot of back story offering further insight into the motivations and background of various characters including more about Luke, Snoke, Poe Cameron, Finn, Rey’s parents etc.

If this indeed happens it would be unpresedented. When was the last time a major studio like DISNEY wanted to change all the wrong a huge box office smash like the Last Jedi had?

Again this is just a rumor. And who’s to say JJ wont change a few things from the last jedi in the upcoming Episode 9?

Check out the complete rumor below.


Star Wars: Episode 8.5 Mysteries of the Force (Working Subtitles) Graphic Novel –Leaked Written by Rian Johnson and unspecified coauthors.

An unnamed source with deep inside knowledge of Disney and Lucasfilms’ plans for the future of the Star Wars franchise and particularly, an upcoming graphic novel co-authored by Rian Johnson, director of their lastest film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” has shared some very interesting details about Disney’s strategy for the brand and he fore mentioned graphic novel. All off the record of course, so keep some salt handy.

*Warning Potential Spoilers Inside*

Here is what our source had to say in regards to Disney’s Strategy for the Star Wars narrative:

“Since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms many Star Wars stories/novels have become non-canon. While this was necessary to forge a new and fresh direction in regards to the slate of their new Star Wars related films, this separation has had its collateral damage. Many readers now have come to see a diminished value in Star Wars books, past and future installments, believing the current films to be the only truly important vehicle that drives the new Star Wars narrative. In recent years, the Star Wars brand has sold millions of books; and Disney has no intention of losing this portion of Star Wars branding to oblivion. Now the plan is to use past [novel] entries –much like Marvel [Studios] uses their old comic story archives and characters for their cinematic universe — and blend them with fresh ideas to create a new story arc, using the books and films to tell this overarching narrative.”

Well this disclosure really lays out Disney and Lucasfilms’ desires to give weight to their future Star Wars literature, perhaps even giving them true novelty, if you will. This may explain why it seems Star Wars: The Last Jedi failed to expound upon the ideas and mysteries that were established by the previous entry, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With the former having been somewhat divisive among the Star Wars community, to say the least. And while these suggestions are very interesting, one can only hope apparent shrouding does not become a trend. But they are interesting claims none the less.

Now our source dishes on various plot points of the upcoming graphic novel, first, many pertaining to the story told in the “The Last Jedi,” and also a variety of other junctures.

*Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead*

● In the meeting to discuss Poe’s discipline after he disobeyed orders to stand down, Admiral Holdo initially stands up for Poe but is told by Leia that he has to learn to trust and respect his superiors and their orders, claiming that he required a hard hand approach. She contends there is no place for a ‘fly boy’ within their ranks. Holdo ultimately adopts Leia’s mindset on the situation.

● In the aftermath of the costly bombing run, Admiral Ackbar advises other far off commanders of Resistance forces that the First Order may be placing a trap to rally distant Resistance forces to their location, and that the commanders should consider carefully before coming to the aid of the Raddus.

● The First Order, strategically, do not outright destroy the Raddus in efforts to draw out additional Resistance fleets, desiring to centralize the battle and finally crush the Resistance entirely. They figure a distress call from their General’s vessel will rally their forces.

● Aboard the Raddus, whispers of a traitor or spy prompts suspicions and anxiety. Finn is even proposed as a potential mole. Some at least figure he is terrified of being recaptured by the First Order and may flee or bargain to save his own life. Poe is aware of the canard, and partially induces his decision to send Finn away on the reconnaissance mission, with hopes this might move Admiral Holdo to be more forthcoming about her plan.

● There is a method to Luke’s apparent madness. With Rey, Luke tries not to live up to the potential legends, fables and expectancy that surrounds his famed identity. He intends to undo the romanticized image of the Jedi, which had become a sort of idolatry, where many imagine them to be infallible and beyond rebuke. This is also the case when Luke recieves the Lightsaber from Rey and tosses it aside. When Luke touches the Lightsaber, he comes to see its eventual destruction.

● While aboard the Supremacy, DJ sabotages the ship’s shields. Saving this fact though, DJ has no plans of being aboard the vessel when it comes under attack, and figuring Finn and Rose as expendable soldiers of their own war, he double-crosses them to secure his own escape. (There is a deleted scene from the film that suggests this is the case as well)

Other details about the story of the novel but that do not necessarily pertain to the story told by the film:

● Exploration of the character DJ and background

● Broad revelations about Snoke and his back story

● Exposition of Ben Solo’s past, his eventual encounter with Snoke, his turn to the dark side, and his exploits with the Knights of Ren

● Elucidate on Leia’s apparent force abilities

● Exposition of Luke’s time before and on Ahch-To and major revelations about the Jedi Master

● Within the narrative, the “Force” and its essence is likened to that a woman, and a force – user’s relationship to it, as one of two associations with a woman. The Sith behold a lover; and the Jedi, a mother.

● Explication of force-sensitives and their distinction from force-users

Given everything this source has shared, it wouldn’t be crazy to be excited, yet this information should be taken with a grain of salt. But, so many things do seem to fit and make more sense than many first viewings of ‘The Last Jedi’ did. They truly give so much of the movie’s events a different context and make them more compelling. Heck, these claims could just about change anyone’s opinion of the film. Let’s hope even just half of these things check out.

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