Star Trek: Discovery returned from its Winter break with the 10th episode of the season, Despite Yourself. At the end of episode 9, the crew found themselves in unfamiliar territory. Jonathan Frakes took the reigns and reintroduced us to the Mirror Universe in one of the best episodes of the series first season.

One of the biggest payoffs in this episode was that we finally know why Stamets accidentally called Tilly captain after he had gotten out of the Spore Drive’s navigation system. He was seeing across dimensional lines into the Mirror Universe, where Tilly had murdered her way to the top. While we don’t actually see her Mirror Universe counterpart in action, the Prime Universe Tilly needs to pretend to be her and absolutely steals the show. Mary Wiseman does an excellent job of providing comic relief to break up the darker tone of this Trek series. For our full thoughts on this episode check out our Discovery After Show, The Riker Maneuver on Pop Culture Renegades.

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