Netflix’s The Punisher is about a one-man killing machine named Frank Castles who seeks payback for the murder of his family.

Since Frank is a military veteran, you could say the show and character are a big hit when it comes to Conservative sites.

I personally think it was a great season putting it up there with the first season of Daredevil when it comes to the MARVEL Netflix slate. Ever since I saw The Punisher in the second season of Daredevil, I knew Jon Bernthal was the perfect actor to play him.

While sitting down with Esquire, Bernthal discussed Punisher and the ever controversial topic of gun control. especially since the series aired right after the Vegas and Texas shootings.

“I’m a gun owner,” Bernthal said. “I have a gun in my house to keep my family safe. I’m trained in that gun’s use. I know how to keep it away from my kids, and I know how to use it if I need to. Should there be a way that a guy with mental issues like the asshole in Texas can’t get guns? Absolutely. We have to have a dialogue, and that’s not happening.”

The interviewer also points out that Punisher’s iconic skull symbol has been spotted on military helmets in Iraq and other places, which Bernthal has no issues with.

 “I feel honored to play a guy who people putting their life on the line identify with,” Bernthal said.

However, Jon Bernthal draws the line when racists and white supremacists associate with the Punisher.

“Fuck them,” Bernthal said.

Included in the interview was a story Jon Bernthal recounted while he was filming the Oliver Stone film WORLD TRADE CENTER

Eventually, Stone walked over from the video village and shouted at Bernthal and a few other actors. “You are all so fucking vain,” Stone said. He turned to Bernthal and jabbed a finger in his face. “And you are the worst.”

Bernthal slapped the director’s hand away.

“Let me tell you something, dude. You might be Oliver Stone, but I will beat your fucking ass right here on this set. In front of everybody here, I will beat your ass. You got that?”

Stone retreated. Nicolas Cage, one of the stars of the film, wandered over and said, “Wow, man, there was adversity and you threw more adversity at it.”

Bernthal told me that he felt like a jackass when he learned that he’d fallen for an old Stone trick. “He was just trying to get me out of my comfort zone,” he says now. “I was young and stupid.” (The two men later became good friends.)

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