While most teenagers only have to worry about tests and maintaining their reputations, Teen Titan alum Raven has to worry about her father killing her. Not the usual ” I stayed out later than curfew and I’m so dead” type, but the literal “my father is an interdimensional demon” type.


 A Creature Is Stirring

Last issue we saw Raven acclimating to her conventional home life. She has a close group of friends that care about her and are teaching her what “normal” is. We continue with her fighting the mysterious creature with no mouth. They seem to have the ability to peer into Raven’s mind and make her fears come to life. Mainly Trigon, her father, appearing multiple times to attack her. This allows the mysterious creature to vanish. The holidays are upon us, but not everything is jolly. The grandmother and guardian of one of her school friends die that night. To keep spirits up Raven’s circle of friends arrive at her home after having the idea planted. Raven is absorbing all the information she can about Christmas, a holiday previously forbidden by her mother. Speaking of which an image of her mother is seen outside a window by her sister, Raven’s aunt. This is actually to the mouthless figure walking into a van proclaiming Raven must die. Can this creature shapeshift? Or is it simply a mental projection? We have ten more issues to gather the details of this Azure.



He Who Watches

Throughout this and the previous issue, we see a stuffy Watcher looking character go on and on about how Raven will die on Christmas Eve. I’m not saying she is the Chosen One, wrong universe, but Baron Winters continues this exposition to his pet Merlin. Staring into the flames observing Raven battle the creature and her army, as well as the army trying to kill them both. After teleporting herself and the creature into the facility where she first met her Raven sees Winters. Peering back through the flames Winters is unsettled and breaks the connection.


What does this all mean? Christmas Eve is in a few days. Will Raven indeed die? Who is this mysterious creature and why does she want Raven dead? Marv Wolfman’s second run with his character is turning into a complex tale. We are seeing a  gripping story unfold with the introduction of this new character. But we are also getting a behind the scenes look at an outcast trying to fit in and understand a world she has been kept from, both as a demon and titan. How does the return of Baron Winters play into this story? Does this signal the return of the Night Force. We will find out in the remaining year.

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