It seems like Funko and Thanos have teamed up for one amazing POP vinyl.

Some of the Avengers: Infinity War Vinyl figures have already been revealed, including a regular sized Thanos. But a new image reveals that there is a second Thanos in the line. And this one is a super-sized 10″ Thanos wielding his gauntlet. But the most noticeable thing about this vinyl is his grinning smile.

This is the face he will have in Infinity War so this vinyl will be making bank. The fans are going to want to keep an eye out at Target since this particular figure is going to be a Target exclusive.


A listing for the Infinity War vinyl had indicated that #19 was going to be a store exclusive. And it looks like this was the one that was mentioned. From the back of a Thor Infinity War box, it looks like for the first wave of Infinity War POP’s will be including Iron Man, Thor, Iron Spider, Captain America, Thanos (regular edition), Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Groot, and a 6-inch Hulkbuster Iron Man. Even that though will be smaller than the 10 inch Thanos.

As for Wave 2, there could be another version of Thanos in it. There could also be takes on Doctor Strange, Rocket Racoon, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther, although, there could be other characters from the movie making their way into the line.

I’m a Funko POP collector myself, and I’m so excited for these figures to be getting released soon. And I’m excited to see what other characters from the film could be made into vinyl.

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