The new mini-series Batman: Sins of the Father hints that we may find out.


Similar to InjusticeGods Among Us the story takes place between the first and second season of the video games by Telltale Games. In the aftermath of season one crime boss Carmine Falcone is killed by Renee Montoya. Harvey Dent was turned into Two-Face by The Penguin after being made mayor. Also James Gordon is promoted to Commissioner forming a partnership with Batman. But the most shocking revelation is that Thomas and Martha Wayne gained their wealth and power by drugging and locking up those who opposed them in Arkham.


…To Be Laid Upon the Children

As the series begins we see the GCPD surrounding the Zucco’s and Bertinelli’s in a scrapyard. The two crime families are vying for control of the city after the death of Falcone. Quickly the police are overwhelmed and Gordon calls in Batman to save his men who are pinned down. Batman takes down the assailants, but suffers severe damage to the Batmobile. After taking away one of the Bertinelli’s for questioning we learn there is a new player making waves in Gotham.


Arriving at the Batcave Alfred greets Bruce reminding him with his financial struggles Lucius won’t be able to repair and upgrade the Batmobile as required. To help resolve this investors have been invited to Wayne Manor in an attempt to charm money out of them. Bruce is served with a lawsuit on behalf of all the victims ruined by his parents. A damning video of Thomas ordering a friend to be drugged is shown to the board . Bruce convinces the chairwoman not to file for bankruptcy, but instead allow him to make restitution for his father’s crimes and to honor his mother’s legacy.


Bruce speaks with Alfred who sheds more light into Thomas’ dark past. Steadfast to make amends, Bruce asks Alfred to gather the workers of Arkham employed during his father’s operation in his office. The next day Bruce speaks with this group pleading for any information they may have. During this back and forth the employees are shot at. Bruce manages to save the majority of the group and slips away to the rooftop as Batman. Having pinpointed the location of the shooter a batarang flies across to the building where the sniper is hiding temporarily disabling him with a sonic shriek. Batman takes advantage and fires his grapple gun only to have it shot out of midair. He gets a glimpse of the masked unfamiliar assailant and comments on his dead shot accuracy. Batman reaches the hiding spot only finding a lone rifle which is immediately broken.


New Bat-team

Veteran Marvel and Whedon writer Christos Gage is tasked with linking the two seasons and tells IGN:

“I’m excited to contribute to this world and I can’t wait for fans to see Raffaele bring the story to life. He is a great match to the visual style of the game, while adding his unique, hard-hitting take to it.”

Artist Raffaele Ienco, of Marvel and Top Dawg fame, makes his debut at DC. As you can see with the cover above Ienco is bringing all his expertise to the Dark Knight.

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