A private military company known as Condor comes onto the radar of the DEA and more importantly Punisher in The Punisher Vol. 1: On The Road.

Condor is the name of the organization and its leader.  Not a lot is known about the group other than they are the real deal and very dangerous.  Their second in command is a man known as Face, but not the suave and fun loving Face from the A-Team.  This Face cuts off and collects the faces of people hence his nickname.

The head of their military operations is a former commanding officer of Frank Castle name Olaf.  Condor makes their money by selling a drug called EMC which is like a super soldier drug which it is snorted, but it has the side effect of making the user go insane.

Punisher gets word of a warehouse where they are shipping the drugs out of and pays them a little visit.  He of course murders everyone and it comes down to Punisher and Olaf.  Olaf leaves a folder on a desk for Punisher in exchange for letting him leave.

Olaf says he is tired of working with Condor and wants to help Punisher.  The envelope he leaves is full of information which can be used to disrupt their operation.  Punisher decides to do just that.  It is unclear whose side Olaf is on other than his own.

The Punisher Vol. 1: On The Road was written by Becky Cloonan with art by the late Steve Dillon.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2016.

I just finished watching the Punisher Netflix series and wanted some more Punisher in my life.  This volume was a major disappointment to me though.

The design of Frank Castle was just awful to me.  He is clean shaven and clean looking.  I wanted him to look gruff and maybe have a beard or at least some stubble.  Castle looked like a model or something.  Punisher is a character who is pissed off and is only looking to take down criminals.  He really shouldn’t look well groomed.

I found the story to be pretty boring.  Punisher is never really put at risk or sees any danger he can’t handle.  He is like a Terminator in that he can be slowed down, but he can not be stopped.  However, Punisher as a Terminator or in the role of Kyle Reese would be pretty sweet comic but back to the topic.  When reading a series the villain needs to seem scary.  I need to wonder how the hero will defeat the villain, but Punisher seems to be able to take down Condor the organization and Condor the person pretty easy.

The part I liked about the volume is Punisher is treated like the badass he is.  He is taking out people really easy.  Olaf is terrified when Punisher shows up and that is exactly like he should be treated.  However, he is treated too strong where it is over the top.  Punisher has a van which has a trapdoor and releases caltrops.  Punisher is not Batman and he shouldn’t have gadgets.

If you are looking for a good Punisher book than look elsewhere because this was a huge disappointment.



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