A top-secret weapon falls into the unknowing hands of a civilian in Terry Moore’s Echo Vol. 1.

Annie works for a shadowy weapon company called HeNRI and is testing the capabilities of a suit made of some kind of metal alloy.  She has a jet rocket on her back and pushing herself and the suit as much as possible flying through the sky.  However, a jet fighter comes up behind her and is going to put her through one last test.  They want to see if it can take being hit by a missile.

Annie has a missile shot at her, but she is able to avoid it.  She is then fired on by two sidewinder missiles at the same time.  This is too much for her to avoid and all she could do was fly straight up and hope for the best.  It doesn’t work and she is killed in a huge explosion.

This explosion doesn’t go unnoticed and is seen directly by two civilians.  Park Ranger Dillon Murphy is trying to get into the area to see what is going on in his domain of responsibility after he sees it.

Julie Martin is a photographer taking pictures in the desert when she hears the explosion overhead.  She takes some photos of the explosion and the jet before she sees she is directly under the incoming fallout.

She runs to her truck, but not before she is hit by the fallout.  When she gets home she discovers her truck and herself are covered in little metal balls.  The balls eventually bond together and form a metal breastplate.  

This is not only a breastplate it is also a defensive weapon.  Whenever someone touches her in an aggressive manner it shocks them.  However, the worst part is she can’t take it off.  HeNRI realizes she has some of the suit and they are hot on her trail.

Terry Moore’s Echo Vol. 1 was written and drawn by Terry Moore.  Abstract Studio published the volume in 2008.

I love Moore’s art style so I wanted to check this out.  This is much different than the rest of the stuff I’ve read from him.  Most of his stuff is more slice of life, but this is slice of life, superhero and conspiracy story all mixed together.

This volume is slow, but it does a really good job setting up a pretty cool story.  We know almost nothing about HeNRI.  They seem like a evil company, but the only evil thing we’ve seen them do was kill Annie.  However, they thought she would survive and the suit probably only works with a human so she had to be the test subject.  I doubt Annie would have volunteered to be shot by a sidewinder missile.

We also don’t know what HeNRI will do when they find Julie.  They may kill her or they may simply take the breastplate off of her and leave.

I liked this volume but it didn’t grab me.  It was just too slow for me.  If I continue reading I am fairly sure it will be good.  All of Moore’s stuff I have read are all varying degrees of really good.  They also tend to be pretty slow.

The art style is awesome as always, but I wish it was in color.  I just always prefer stuff to be in color whenever possible.

The characters are really good and relatable.  Moore is always really good with establishing his characters.  He gives them their own personality and makes it really easy to make me feel like I know them and their motivations.

This looks to be a good start of a series for any fans of Moore and want his take on a superhero and conspiracy story.


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