Disneyland’s California Adventures “Pixar Pier will open be opening June 23, but along with it the brand new Lamplight Lounge (aka the new Cove Bar)!

Fans of DCA’s Cove Bar have been distraught over the closing and refurbishing of the Pier area, especially when it came to their favorite upscale snack bar with super fun cocktails. Where am I supposed to get Lobster Nachos and a Mickey’s Fun Wheel now?!

Look no further friends! According to the Disneyland Blog, the Lamp Light Lounge will serve gastro-pub cuisine including the delicious Lobster Nachos, as well as signature cocktails!

Not only will the outdoor seating provides fantastic views of Pixar Pier, you will still have a lovely view of “World of Color.”

Any guests wanting to say a final farewell to The Cove Bar will get the chance. DCA will be reopening the Cove Bar March 16 through the end of May before it closes permanently foritss transformation.



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