This past Tuesday the BBC revealed a new logo for “Doctor Who“. The new logo also marks a new age for the television series since the upcoming season will also usher in a new showrunner, “Broadchurch”‘s Chris Chibnall, and a new Doctor who will be played for the first time in history by a woman, Jodie Whittaker.

The logo debuted on Twitter with a poster and an intro video. The poster showcases Jodie Whittaker’s silhouette and her time-and-space-traveling TARDIS waiting for her in the background. The intro video shows the TARDIS zipping through space and streaking through the logo in order to create the bookended horizontal slashes.

The new minimal design is a stark departure from previous Doctor Who logos who definitely leaned into and took inspiration from the show’s fantastic and eccentric sensibilities. The last logo to have a more streamlined look was the logo from the show’s Russell T. Davies era which was the beginning of what fans call “New Who”, the return of a Doctor Who series to television after a sixteen year absence. (Note: There was a TV movie featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in 1996.) The “RTD” era was the relaunch of The Doctor into popular culture and with it brought unprecedented global popularity, David Tennant’s universally beloved Tenth Doctor, and multiple spin-off shows such as “Torchwood”.

Hopefully, the new minimal logo will be a good omen of success to come for Chris Chibnall and Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. The new season of “Doctor Who” will premiere this fall on BBC America.


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