As MCU’s Black Panther rounds out it’s weekend numbers, the film has pulled in over $200M in its opening weekend, making it one of the top 5 box office opening weekend films of all time!

It seems the King of Wakanda has spoken, so have the audiences, and even MCU juggernaut Kevin Feige. In an interview with ABC News, Feige discusses his initial reaction after seeing the film and how he leaned over to director Ryan Coogler and said,

That’s the best movie we’ve ever made.

Everyone has their favorite Marvel movie, and Feige has chosen his. As the MCU continues to deliver monster hits, the list gets more and more difficult to choose from. However, no one can deny the greatness and strength that is Black Panther.

What did you think of Black Panther? Are you over the superhero hype or ready for more? Comment below and let me know!


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