As rumors continue to swirl about the direction of DC’s upcoming film slate, there do seem to be some certainties amid the chaos. One such film is The Flash, set to adapt DC’s 2011 mega-popular and line-wide Flashpoint story. The film has been through several rewrites and quite a few names seemed destined for the director’s chair before John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming, took the job last month.

The film, which has been in development for some time, is still tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2020 and, thanks to an old and trusted source, we have some details about the film! Before you read on, beware that not only could what follows contain spoilers, but that it also comes from info gathered BEFORE Daley and Goldstein took on the film, meaning any and all of it could change.

Still here? Then here’s what we can tell you…

Warner Bros. is hoping to begin principal photography on the film in London in the second half of 2018, possibly at their Leavesden Studio where they filmed Justice League. The film, which we’re told will have a budget of over $100M, will certainly take quite a bit of post-production time given the number of VFX shots required to show the Flash’s unique abilities, so Warner Bros. is hoping to be in studio as early as July, allowing for that valuable post production time in as well as some additional filming planned for the U.S. With respect to that VFX work, we have been told that Warner Bros has an offer out to Ghost in the Shell cinematographer Jess Hall to be the film’s director of photography.

While plot details were scarce, we were able to gather a list of characters expected to fill out the film’s roster. In addition to Miller returning as Barry Allen, Ray Fisher is still set to pop in as Cyborg and Billy Crudup will reprise the role of Henry Allen despite once being rumored to have departed the project. While Kiersey Clemons‘ Iris West was cut from Justice League, she was still on board too for the Flash solo outing as of late 2017.

If Warner Bros. does, in fact, hope to begin principal photography sometime this summer, there are several supporting roles they’ll have to fill and those roles can help us start to piece together some idea of the story (what little we do know is that the most recent draft of the film would include some references or potential flashbacks to Barry’s accident, an accident we’re told that will include Eobard Thawne in an interesting way). The supporting cast will include Officer Fred Chyre, a Keystone City cop in the comics, who will be working with Allen to investigate the death of Jonathan Chambers, aka Johnny Quick. Detective Jared Morillo, Chyre’s partner in the comics, is also set to appear.

Caitlin Snow is set to appear in a lead role and knowing the history of the character we can imagine we could see her alter ego Killer Frost emerge at some point during the film. As far as the Rogues set to antagonize The Flash, we’re told to expect two old standbys and one surprise. Dr. Arthur Light is set to serve as the film’s big bad but fans can also expect to see two of Flash’s oldest foes as well. Both Captain Cold and Heatwave are lined up to complicate things for our hero, adding alternate versions of Leonard Snart and Mick Rory to the growing list of characters who will have both TV and film versions co-existing, though fans of Flashpoint will know that these versions may be a little different than their TV counterparts!

While it may not give us the complete picture we’d hope for, we’re happy our source came through on this one given the amount of excitement and anticipation this film seems to be generating. Of course, we’ll see how much of this makes into the film’s final cut, but we certainly have a little insight into what the studio was originally planning to do.

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