Chuck Carter is a good man and is just trying to make an honest living in The Beef #1.

Carter works at a meat factory.  His father worked there as well and even lost his hand there when Chuck was young.  This farm is the supplier to a fast food restaurant, The Beef.

When Carter was young he was bullied by two boys named Khristos and Gaelan.  These two boys happen to be the grandchildren of the farm Carter’s father worked at.  As an adult they are still around and still bully him.

Carter is very good at his job.  He has killed 23,000 cows in his lifetime.  This stat doesn’t affect Carter.  Every day Carter eats at The Beef and eats food containing excitotoxins and drinks high levels of amino acids, but they have not affected him.

Khristos and Gaelan walk into The Beef while Carter is eating and start aggressively catcalling a worker from the nearby strawberry farm name Mary-Lynn.  Carter likes Mary-Lynn and decides to stand up for her.  However, this choice will change Carter’s life forever.

This is a really weird comic.  I mean this in terms of the story and the art.  The story is kinda boring, but it is boring in a weird way.  The actual story is interesting as it shows Carter’s life and the unfortunate bullying.  A inside look at someone who has to kill animals and how that may affect them is interesting.  However, the story is told in a boring way.

Art in the issue is ugly, but that is the style of the art.  The coloring reminds me of Laura Allred’s coloring style.  There are extra lines on the faces of characters which don’t need to be there.  All character’s anatomy is a little off.  The character’s stand and move in an unnatural way.  I didn’t mind the art.  It is ugly, but not in a way which distracts from the issue and that is all I can really ask for from a comic.  Also the style is on purpose and not because of a lack of skill.

I didn’t really like the issue very much.  As I said before it was a little boring, but with the surprise ending it could pick up next issue.  I don’t know where this story is going or what kind of story it is.  It could be a superhero story or a slice-of-life story, but right now it is just weird.

Rating this issue extremely difficult because I don’t know if its shortcomings are on purpose or by accident.  The art I do not like but it is supposed to look like that.  However, am I supposed to be bored and confused by the story?







Written by: Tyler Shainline and Richard Starkings

Art by: Shaky Kane and John Roshell

Cover by: Shaky Kane and John Roshell

Release: 2/24/18

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics


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