Imagine all the stories that Lucasfilm can conjure up taking place between Episode III and The Force Awakens. I mean that’s thirty years of canon that they can go thru.

Imagine the possibilities, all the novels, comics, stories there essentially can be a Star Wars film every year for the rest of my life. Hey, a Star Wars nerd can dream dammit.

Now if your an insane Star Wars fan like myself you’ll know that at one point in time Luke Skywalker had a wife and her name was Mara Jade.

In the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi Novelization, there’s a leak where it’s mentioned that Luke was indeed once married.

According to the leak, the book begins with the line: “Luke Skywalker stood in the cooling sands of Tatooine, his wife by his side.”

I find this interesting that this novel of all novels is starting with this quote, except some fans are calling BS on this. In fact, they say this is actually a dream sequence.

Reddit User OmNomAnor writes: “The novel starts with a dream sequence of an alternate timeline Luke.

“A Luke that dragged the droids out of the farm to give them to the Empire and lives in happy? boredom with Camie. So no wife, but this means he is not dreaming about any other wifes(?).”Fans will know Camie, as one of Luke’s childhood friends, who appears in a deleted scene of A New Hope.

We’ll just have to wait till the novel releases in next week to find out.

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