The Guardians Of The Galaxy Have The Most To Lose 

The Guardians in yellow jumpsuits standing together

These films have remained almost completely separate from others in the MCU, but Infinity War has brought about the perfect opportunity for the Guardians to team up with the Avengers. After all, they’re the ones with insider knowledge of Thanos, so it makes sense that Iron Man and company will want their help this time around.

Two of our Guardians have a personal stake in the game, making them vulnerable. Drax, as you might recall from the first film, was after Ronan the Accuser. Once he was defeated, however, Drax revealed that Thanos was his real target, as Ronan was just a pawn of Thanos.

Then there’s Gamora. Abducted and raised by Thanos, she was made into a human weapon, after the villain killed her parents and destroyed her home planet. Though she began the series on a mission for him, she quickly revealed herself to be a traitor, before settling in with the Guardians. Needless to say, Gamora has a lot of beef with Thanos, and will definitely risk her life to keep him from obtaining all of the Stones.

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