Thanos Has Minions 

Several cartoon villains in a city gathered together

While Thanos is clearly the primary villain in Infinity War, he most likely isn’t at this alone at all. Though we haven’t seen him on screen much, we know that Thanos has commanded at least a few characters thus far, including Ronan. But who will he be bringing to this battle?

In the comics, Thanos’ commands the Black Order, and recent photos from the set of the film have led to speculation around their possible appearance. This could encompass several different characters, but there’s one that we’re almost certain will show up.

An image showing Doctor Strange portrayer Benedict Cumberbatch being pinned down by a man in a motion capture suit has sparked rumors about Ebony Maw, as a sticker on the person’s back read “EB-MAW.” This “dangerous thinker” is an important part of the Black Order, so it would make sense that he shows up to help out Thanos.

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