The girl who isn’t there, the man who can pat himself on the back, the gentle giant of the team and the third smartest man in the universe. No, I’m not talking about Marvel’s first family, but I might as well be. During the ’17 SDCC DC panel writer Jeff Lemire said that he is hoping to channel Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s sense of family with The Terrific’s.


Absence does makes the heart grow fonder

The Fantastic Four’s final issue came out April 29, 2015. It’s been almost three years and the demand for these four superheroes hasn’t dwindled. Marvel did right by giving them a happy send-off. Although the reasoning for that sendoff is still hotly debated. With the recent deal between Fox and Marvel, you have to wonder what is in store for the FF’s future. In the meantime, we have The Terrific’s to tide us over.



Metal Aftermath

Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific) arrives as a door to the dark multiverse is being opened. We see Rex Mason (Metamorpho) connected to a portal and Holt calls in backup realizing that the situation is rapidly getting out of control. The dark energy corrupts Metamorpho’s mind and he attacks all present as the portal explodes. Luckily the dark energy awakens Ralph Dibny (Plastic Man) from the same stasis it put him in years earlier. Forming a giant bubble PM swallows Mr. Terrific and Metamorpho shielding them. Inside we receive some exposition about what has lead up to that moment and a great impression of Batman. Alarms signal that there is a life form nearby which should be impossible. PM flies…himself down and spits out his compatriots. Exploring the terrain they realize that they are not in Kansas, or on any planetoid for that matter. The local fauna swarm the group and a mysterious girl saves them. Linnya Wazzo (Phantom Girl), but not that Wazzo, tells them of her intangible plight and that she did not send out a distress signal. In the next panel we see a ship in the distance. Mr. Terrific living up to his moniker is able to activate the ship and we see the mystery that will bond these heroes. What ever happened to baby Jane…I mean Tom Strong.


DC brings together an excellent experienced team for this contribution to its “New Age Of Heroes” expansion. Joe Prado, Marcelo Maiolo and Ivan Reis combine to make a beautiful and vibrant first issue. Inside Reis impresses with his detail and the varying scale of his art. Lemire returns to DC in great form creating this initial introduction of all the members. I’m glad to see one of my personal favorite characters Plastic Man make his sarcastic return. The banter between Plastic Man and Metamorpho harkens back to the brotherly relationship Johnny and Ben had. One can hope the rest of the team will have this same chemistry. This begs the question will Phantom Girl find out how terrific the masked man is?

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