A new piece of promotional art for Infinity War is showing an unidentified character who could be the newest villain in the movie.

Now just to note, this particular piece of art comes from a Marvel Instagram fan account. The artwork on the mug appears to feature the Black Order, which in this film they are being referred to as The Children of Thanos. Now, that plus the character’s  intimidating demeanor suggest that it is another minion of Thanos. But you can look at the pictures below and judge it for yourself.


There is no way this character is apart of the Black Orde since all of the members are accounted for. Now, the character looks similar to the Outriders but bigger and tougher. This character could be a field leader for Thanos’ Outrider army, but we won’t find out until the film is released to see if that is true or not.

This is just one more character being added to an already massive cast. Infinity War is set to the longest MCU film to date. And it makes sense because this film is meant to bring together every plot thread in the franchise’s ten-year history.

“Every story that Marvel has told since Iron Man 1 finds a narrative thread in these next two Avengers movies,” director Joe Russo said in a special feature included with the home release of Thor: Ragnarok. “It is a culmination of all that storytelling.”

“With Infinity War, we’re paying off every little thread and every little tease that we’ve had in what will be 18 films prior to Infinity War,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said. “There’s never been anything like this. Being able to, film after film, tease at a larger story. Really building these stories up into a giant conclusion. While at the same time introducing an entirely new direction for the future.”

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