When it comes to getting any details about the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars film, you’re better off breaking into Fort Knox or even an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The most we’ve gotten has been a sub-par generic description, photos from the set and Lego leaked images. And we’re three months away!

What we do know is that the film will take place before A New Hope. So it makes sense that we’d see some big moments in Star Wars history right? Han meeting Chewy, Han meeting Lando, and the most important moment would have to be Han winning the Falcon.

There have to be some new surprises right? Solo can’t be that predictable right? Or will it be?

While surfing thru the Star Wars Reddit forums, we found a user’s hilarious BINGO Card for all the scenes and moments we’re expecting to see. Check it out below.

Now, this is hilarious and I truly wonder how many of these moments we’ll actually get to see. There are some obvious ones that seem plausible, especially R2 and 3PO making cameos since they’ve been in literally every Star Wars film.

I’m hoping for “Female gives her bloodstripes to Han” and “Harrison Ford makes CG cameo” truly happen.

Will we see Boba Fett, Greedo, and my favorite Salacious Crumb?? Here’s hoping!

Be sure to print out this card and take it with you when Solo comes out on May 25!

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