With Ant-Man and The Wasp due out in theaters this summer, it was safe to assume that we’d be seeing an Ant-Man flavored title emerge as part of Marvel’ Fresh Start initiative and now we have it! Writer Mark Waid will be bringing Scott Lang and Nadia Pym together in a 6-issue limited series this June. Artist Javier Garron will work with Waid to put together what is being marketed as a very sci-fi heavy book.

The series will feature Lang working with Hank Pym’s daughter and while it’s not the same daughter from the movie (Hope does not exist in 616 continuity), Nadia is every bit as feisty and clever as her film counterpart. Waid told Newsarama why he was excited to use this combo and what kind of adventures to expect:

As much as I dig the team books, the twosome of Scott and Nadia does allow more character-moment time, and we’ll be taking full advantage of that.┬áTrust me, my browser history and desktop are filled with research. I could spend days and days just researching. With Nadia as my “voice,” I’m able to really articulate how subatomics works using today’s science. The atom model we all learned in school – ┬ábilliard ball surrounded by smaller orbiting billiard balls – is incredibly inaccurate and doesn’t take into account how electrons rely on probability, not set paths, nor does it properly explain the nature of quantum foam and what its significance is. Feel free to take notes or just enjoy the story.

As for Garron, he seems thrilled about the prospects of drawing a sub-atomic universe governed by its own crazy rules:

We’re diving into the craziest corners of the Marvel universe, those only accessible for microscopic superheroes! These characters offer a wide range of visual possibilities due to their powers. Just that sets the stage for very crazy imagery in terms of placing the camera, forcing the lens or depriving concepts like up or down from their meaning.

Once you enter subatomic level you enter a whole new realm where there are no limits to your imagination. It’s not our world anymore. I mean, it is, but it isn’t. I’m an open book, right? A whole new set of unknown rules take charge of the situation, and the unexpected is your new reality. In visual terms you can go wilder. When you’re working with, let’s say, alien worlds, you’re still bound by pretty much the same physic rules of the universe. But once you go subatomic, things start to go nuts at every level! Colors, shapes, kinetics, everything can be different. Both organic and inorganic elements. Just sky and space are wickedly original.

These are all extremely interesting aspects to work with, and the script is really making use of them. Full throttle.

For more on the series, head over to Newsarama! Ant-Man and The Wasp will be on shelves at your LCS on June 6th!

Source: Newsarama


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