I’m still in shock. It’s been a couple days and I still can’t wrap my head at what I saw on Monday Night.

The long-awaited premiere of the last few episodes of Star Wars Rebels aired and no fan could anticipate what was about to happen.

In the episode titled JEDI NIGHT, Kanan, Ezra and Sabine set off on a mission to rescue Hera from the entire Empire.

After finally finding and rescuing Hera inside a Galactic Fuel Station, an AT-AT fire upon a fuel cell next to our heroes. With mere moments to decide Kanan uses the Force and holds off the blast just enough so that Sabine, Hera, and Ezra can escape. Once they do, he lets the blast go, ending his life.

It was emotional yet necessary. You see by letting the fuel cells explode, he ended the Empire’s production of their TIE Defenders on Lothal, a project considered as important as  Krennic’s “Stardust” (a direct reference to the Death Star codename in Rogue One and A New Hope). So Kanan not only saved his friends, he completed the mission on Lothal. His death, while sad, was not in vain.

Now, what will happen next? Will Kanan become a force ghost and help Ezra? Did Yoda’s Jedi force ghost speech have any hand in Kanan’s death?

Well, Rebels creator Dave Filoni chimed in on his thought process while sitting down with the Nerdist. He said:

It has nothing to do with that. I can’t stress that enough. Rebels exists apart from whatever the consequences of all the other characters are, and you don’t know when Yoda tells Luke that what he’s trying to drive Luke towards. It’s like when Obi-Wan tells Luke, “Your father’s the best starfighter in the galaxy.” I’ve always been like, “Well, we sure shot Anakin down a lot in Clone Wars.” So, that’s not necessarily true either.

People take every line as this complete doctrine, and that’s absolutely not the case. To try to believe, you have to then parse that line out and start dividing it. Like what does it mean even to be a Jedi and does Yoda get to be the only person to define that? What he’s saying is, “You’re the only person left, Luke, trained in the art of a Jedi and being a Jedi that is around right now the way that Obi-Wan and I taught people.” I could take it that way.

And yet one thing is clear, Ezra and the ghost must still go on. They still have a lot to do. Yes he has no master, no closure, no answers and no direction but the Force is far from done with him.

Whatever happens next, the crew of the ghost will be forever changed.


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