supergirl angela zhou

While Supergirl is in the middle of their midseason hiatus, it looks like a new character will be joining the show.

Supergirl.TV has reported that Angela Zhou has reportedly joined the cast. She played Fong / Mei on Hell on Wheels as well as appearing Stitchers and My Haunted House.

Angela will be playing Dr. Grace Parker, who is described as “a renowned surgeon in National City [who] has had quite a career in healing the sick and injured.” Now, something interesting about this character is she doesn’t seem to have a DC Comics counterpart at all. But there could be a few possibilities of how she could fit into the proceedings.

With Sam Arias/Reign enlisting Lena Luthor’s help in uncovering the truth about herself, Parker could play that role in some form or fashion.

Next, she could more then meets the eye. Her role could actually involve her becoming some sort of DC Comics hero or villain. After all, we know that the last member of Reign’s Worldkillers, Pestilence, is still unaccounted for, and having her initially operate as a doctor who helps National City would be an interesting plot twist.

Finally, there is a chance that this character could simply be an ordinary doctor, one who is tasked with helping mend a certain character on the show. With a growing number of people being caught in the crossfire of Supergirl’s fight against the Worldkillers, as well as the ever-mysterious goings on of the Legion of Super-Heroes, that almost creates even more possibilities.

Either way, I’m excited about this character. It is unknown exactly what episode that Angela will debut in, or much much of a role she’ll play in the remainder of the 3rd season, but the Supergirl fans are eager to find out.

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