There have been some recent connections to pop up between Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars lately on social media. In a recent Facebook live, director James Gunn revealed that there was a connection between these two words that were cut from the first movie. This isn’t new to hardcore fans as this was revealed a while ago, but the fact that the Star Wars references was actually in an early draft of the script begs us to wonder what that would have looked like.

According to Gunn himself,

“In the screenplay that was written by Nicole Perlman before I came on to Guardians, Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios President] had asked that Star-Lord have these Star Wars figures that he loved. And so these Star Wars figures were in the movie and played a big part in it. But I thought that didn’t work for me, so I took them out.”

Whoa, right?!

When you really think about it the idea of Starlord having Star Wars toys as a totem he held onto as a youngster doesn’t seem that farfetched. He is a kid of the 80’s and it would have been very inspiring to see the space opera especially at the young age he would have been. I think the real question is which character would have been his favorite?

Kevin Feige had suggested that the young Peter Quill would find a Darth Vader toy but if you ask me I think he’d definitely be a Han Solo guy. Let’s face it, Starlord is the Marvel version of Han Solo and it would make sense that he model his career off of the renegade smuggler.

In any case, the Star Wars figures that would have been in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 were cut from subsequent drafts of the script and replaced with a walkman. We may never know the impact Star Wars has made on a young Star-Lord. It’s hard to even believe they may make a resurgence since all of his stuff was destroyed unless he comes across something in his upcoming trip to earth in the new Infinity Wars movie. Personally, I think that would make a great little Easter egg and bring even more depth to an alreadywell-likedd character.

We will leave it to you all to theorize what could have been. Let us know on social or in the comments below which Star Wars toys you think Starlord would have collected and held onto.

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