Of all the villains in all the world, not one can hold a candle to he who calls himself, Chairface Chippendale. In the first season of Amazon’s reboot of the series based on Ben Edlund’s absurd comic, The Tick, the main foe our nigh-invulnerable friend goes up against is The Terror, as played by Jackie Earl Haley.  The Terror is an old man. Not just old, but really, really old. Aside from Chairface, he’s one of the more well-known of The Tick’s adversaries and one of the less complicated villains to reproduce in a live-action setting, Chairface on the other hand . . . his head is literally a chair, so, maybe not as easy? Amazon recently held their press day for the second half of the first season of The Tick, which will drop on Friday 2/23. That Hashtag Show’s Kelly Bohart sat down with Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick) and Griffin Newman (Arthur) to discuss the show and both agreed on who they’d like to see make an appearance in Season 2.

Chairface Chippendale is a recurring antagonist in the Tick comics and 1994 cartoon. Chairface first appeared in The Tick 7: The Moon Menace. Not much is known about him, but he is a cunning criminal mastermind who grew up bitter and resentful about his chair-like deformity. Chairface rarely does the “dirty work” himself, usually employing his minions with it instead.

Chairface first made himself known to the Tick when he attempted to carve his name into the moon, but was thwarted in the middle of doing so, only leaving the first three letters of his name. Other known attempts of villainy from Chairface include him swapping bodies with the Tick.

Chairface is voiced by the late Tony Jay in the series.


Griffin also expressed his desire to see the little-used villain Hand Grenade Man, played by the always versatile, Paul Giamatti, who would work for scale and provide his own Hand Grenade. See the full exchange regarding the villains below.


THS: And since you are familiar with the material are there any villains that you want to go up against in the future?

Newman: Yea, I mean, I think Chairface Chippendale is the big one, that’s the one we always get asked about…

Serafinowicz: [hmmm]

THS: That one’s pretty iconic

Newman: He also is, just, he’s visually I think one of the greatest villains of all time….uh, in any superhero, you know, property. Um and I think people want to know how that needle would be threaded in live action, which would be quite a thing. There’s um, a superhero that I stump for really hard, I bug Ben about it too much. He literally appeared in like two panels.

THS: [laughs]

Newman: His name is, uh, Handgrenade Man.

THS: Oh, yes

Newman: And there’s the issue where they go to the superhero nightclub. And they’re running down all the other superheroes and there’s this dude in kinda like a traditional, you know, shorts and cape and spandex bodysuit….this big paunch, bad combover just kinda angry holding a hand grenade. And Tick goes who’s that and goes that’s Handgrenade Man….

THS: [laugh]

Newman: …what’s his power? He’s got a hand grenade [softly laughs] and that’s it? He goes, you’d be surprised what you can get done with a hand grenade [laughs]

Serafinowicz: [laughs]

Newman: And his power is just the threat of one time he can let go [laughs] and blow everything up [continues laughing] he’s got one hand grenade, he’s the pulled the pin at some point…


THS: So it’s probably the worst power to have, but it is quite powerful

Newman: I think that’s, that’s the role that Paul Giamatti’s been looking for, that’s the one he’s been searching for all these years…oh, Handgrenade Man, interesting….

THS: And did it seem like Ben was for bringing back this character?

Newman: Uh, I don’t know, I still try to….it’s not like you have to write a whole Hand grenade Man arc, you know, just satisfy me once


Newman: Put him in a scene, invoke him for half a second, Paul Giamatti will just be a day player [laughs] we’ll pay him scale [continues laughing] he’ll self-report and everyone’s happy

Serafinowicz: Yeah, he’ll bring his own hand grenade

THS: [laughs]

Newman: He’ll bring his own hand grenade, yea yea

THS: And for you, Peter, is there any type of villain that you would like to go up against? There’s some pretty crazy villains so literally anything you can think of it probably already exists

Serafinowicz:  I-I mean, you know, I’m gonna say Chairface Chippendale again, you know, because I think the challenge of, you know, making…one thing that he’s, that he’s done with this incarnation of The Tick is, is to have it all take place in a, in a sort of….a real world that feels authentic, you know and I feel like how would you do Chairface Chippendale in this real, in this real…where, you know, we’ve had some pretty crazy things in the first half of the season….

Newman: yea

Serafinowicz: But they, they’ve all been….just the right side of plausibility, but I….I think Chairface Chippendale

THS: That’s the one

Serafinowicz: That would be a real challenge. And I-I think you could do it so you would be able to….you would kind of accept….I mean, like I don’t know of the origins of Chairface Chippendale….

Newman: They’ve never been explained

Serafinowicz: No?

Newman: No one knows how he ended up that way, he’s also got a son….who’s name I’m forgetting who’s head is a stool

THS: [laughs]

Serafinowicz: oh…okay….he’s not Ottoman something is he? Or…

Newman: I don’t think so….I think that’s, I think there is an Ottoman Empire character….

Serafinowicz: Right [laughs]

Newman: Who is exactly what he sounds like [laughs]

Serafinowicz: Right [laughs]

Newman: An empirical ottoman man. Umm, but I do think like the pilot episode…I think you look at that and go how could they ever get to a point where Chairface Chippendale would work in this world. And I think they arced the absurdity really well over the course of the season….where bit by bit you get more and more classic kind of like Edlund Tick insanity.

Serafinowicz: [hmmm]

Newman: Where, I mean there’s so much of the second half of the season where we were acting with characters that weren’t on set with us…because they were robots or dogs…

THS: [laughs]

Newman: Or different sizes, you know, than an actor can really be and….

Serafinowicz: yea…yea

Newman: Which is difficult….but uh….is, is kinda fun when you watch the final product, then you’re like, oh my god I’m on scene doing a scene with chemistry with a thing that wasn’t there on the day

THS: [laughs]

Serafinowicz: yea….yea

Newman: Um, but it definitely feels like by episode 12 the ground is kinda set where I think Chairface could work in this world.

Serafinowicz: yea…and you could care about him, and you could…

Newman: Right, that’s the big thing. Can we make people care about Chairface Chippendale? That’s season 3 goals….[laughs]

THS: [laughs] I think it could happen, I mean they put such, like, devotion to Arthur’s character….they can do anything

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