Who’s ready for some more Lemoney Snicket??!

Netflix today dropped a hilarious trailer for the upcoming second season of A series Of Unfortunate Events. It promises WAY more Terror and Violence!

The first season was a huge hit so anticipation for the second season has big huge. Neil Patrick Harris returns as the evil Count Olaf and he’s back to terrorize the Baudelaire children.

A Series of Unfortunate Events” premiered last year with a 13-episode first season adapting four installments of the 13-book series of novels by Lemony Snicket. Last week, Harris confirmed that the series will wrap after its third season.

By the close of the second 10-episode season, the Netflix adventure will have adapted books five through nine of the family-friendly series: “The Austere Academy,” “The Ersatz Elevator,” “The Vile Village,” “The Hostile Hospital” and “The Carnivorous Carnival.”

The Gothic dark comedy returns in March with “more villainous treachery,” “more treacherous villains,” “angry villagers,” “unwanted elective surgery,” “man-eating violence,” and altogether “more violence, fire and despair,” Olaf gleefully announces in the trailer.

Here’s Netflix’s synopsis for season two:

More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s much worse. March 30th, get ready for more villains, more schemes, more peril, more orphans and more intentional fires.

Check out the awesome trailer below.


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