We got our first look at the long-awaited Psycho Rangers from Power Rangers In Space and the White Dino Thunder Ranger, who complete the team of Dino Thunder Rangers for the Legacy Line. This line of Legacy figures is assumed to be the second to last line of the figures released before Bandai America’s licensing agreement ends. Unfortunately, Bandai won’t have enough time to produce every Ranger from every team, but these figures do look great!

We fully expect the last line of Legacy action figures to be the Ninja Steel Rangers, but that has yet to be confirmed. Hasbro taking over the license will be a good thing for the franchise overall because they do a great job with the franchises they currently work with such as Transformers, Marvel, and Star Wars. With Hasbro taking over the line they may even do their own style of Legacy figures in tone with what they’ve done with the Marvel Legends line. It’s still pretty early to tell so this is all speculation at this point.

Regardless, Bandai America seems to be finishing strong with everything they can do for the Power Rangers Legacy line.

Below are official press photos released to us by Bandai America today! Check them out on the next page!

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