Just go ahead and put this stunt on coolest thing EVER done.

If you’re a horror fanatic like I am and you love slasher flicks, then Jason Voorhees is near and dear to your heart. I mean who doesn’t love a machete-wielding, Hockey mask wearing immortal serial killer.

Now back to why you’re here. If you remember the classic Friday The 13TH Part VI: Jason Lives, then you’ll remember that at the end of film Jason literally gets chained to a boulder and sinks to the bottom of Crystal Lake, the site of his death. It’s an image you can never forget. He just lays there, but not dead, you need him to come back for the next film of course.

How amazing is that final shot! Imagine you’re taking a dip and BOOM you see this exact image. How scary would that be!

Well, now you can.!

So back in 2014,¬†Curtis Lahr¬†built and installed a statue of Jason Voorhees underwater at a popular diving site in Crosby, Minnesota which still remains at that location to this day. The original video was uploaded to YouTube in 2014, as you can see being submerged under water all these years has made the statue look ghostly and lifelike. With the moss already growing on it you forget the fact that it’s more than likely a mannequin.

Check out the brilliant original video below, along with a video that was taken last year!

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