Now that we are only a couple weeks away from the home release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans everywhere including myself can re-watch the film over and over again.

One scene, in particular, I can’t wait to rewatch will have to be the epic throne room scene. Remember? When Kylo Ren cut Snoke in half with a lightsaber? Just like that Snoke was dead. No explanation, no origin, nothing. We were left without an actual background for Snoke.

Could he possibly still be alive? If Andy Serkis had any say he would definitely.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Serkis said: “It’s a great character, and I’d be keen.

“I know it frustrated a lot of people that Snoke came to such a sticky end so quickly, but I loved that big scene and the relationship between Daisy Ridley’s character and Snoke.

“And where it goes from there and what escalates from that moment, you know the fight that kicks off after that.

“So, I really think it’s great in the movie, but yeah, I could quite happily, I’d be very happy to extend Snoke’s life for sure.”

Who know’s if Snoke will return in Episode IX, that’s a JJ ABRAMS call. I certainly hope we finally get an explanation on who Snoke really is.

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