Magic is fading away, but all it takes is one crazy plan to bring it back in The Autumnlands Vol. 1.

In a world without humans anthropomorphic animals rule the world.  Many of the lucky and wealthy live in flying cities held up and protected by magic.  However, without magic these cities will literally come crashing down and kill thousands of people.

Gharta is a boar wizardess with a plan to restore magic back to its former glory.  There was a legend of a champion who is said to have brought the magic to the world and Gharta wants to summon him to the Autumnlands.  She is laughed at, made fun of and eventually forbidden from trying.

However, behind the scenes many approach her and want to help.  Eventually enough wizards and wizardesses volunteer to give it a shot.  The group tries to open a portal and summon the champion.  It takes a lot of magic and effort to open a portal and as they are pulling the champion through the spell doesn’t have enough magic and it pulls from the surrounding magic.  It pulls from the magic holding the city afloat.

After the city crashes down many die and the city’s survivors are digging through the wreckage cursing how all the death was for nothing as they failed.  However, Gharta peaks up from under the rubble and says she has pulled the champion through. The champion is unlike any animal they have seen before as it is human.

The Autumnlands Vol. 1 was written by Kurt Busiek with art by Benjamin Dewey.  Image Comics published the volume in 2015.

I like fantasy stories and I had high hopes for this story, but it was lackluster for me.  The story was not very compelling.  It was really hard for me to care if they summoned the champion or saved magic.  The characters were also not very compelling.  I didn’t feel any attachment to the characters.

If more time was spent in the world or with the characters it would really have helped me care what happens to them.  I had a really hard time remembering names.  This comic has a lot of characters and that doesn’t help when I have to remember even more names.

I didn’t like that the savior was a human.  In a world filled with animals I would have liked if the hero was not human.  I was really excited to see what the hero looked like, but I got really bummed out when it turned out he was human.

Something I did like about the comic was one character.  One of the bad guys of the volume was an owl named Sandorst.  In stories the owl is typically wise and has a good moral foundation.  However, in this the owl is cowardly, cocky and selfish.  I found this change of typical story tropes very interesting.

This is a middle of the road comic for me.  I didn’t hate it, but it was pretty lackluster overall.  The story just did not grab me at all and I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t.


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