A man and a woman are being chased through an auto junk yard by a swat team when the man shows a special ability in Throwaways Vol. 1.

Four hours earlier we learn the woman is named Abby Palmer.  Palmer is a ex-Ranger and served in Afghanistan. She came to a veteran PTSD support group with her former commanding officer.  Her CO gets a phone call and kills everyone in the room except Palmer. When Palmer picks up the phone it rings so she tells the person to call 911.  However, she is activated with a code word.

Palmer was captured by a shadow government organization while in Afghanistan.  The facility where she was held was called Camp Cheshire. They make Manchurian Candidates or brainwashed and unknowing assassins who get triggered when a certain word is said.  Palmer had no memory of her time there until now.

The man is a punk with a teal mohawk.  His name is Dean Logan. Logan is the son of a well-known terrorist who is serving two life sentences.  After Palmer was activated the shady government group goes after Logan. Palmer finds Logan and the two along with Logan’s girlfriend are on the run.

While on the run we learn Logan has telekinesis or can move things with his mind.  Palmer is able to quickly assess threats and see weaknesses in people and objects. She is able to move at lightning speed, but it is so fast she doesn’t even know what she has done until after she has done it.

There are more than two sides in this conflict.  The Cheshire group and the resistance are both after Logan and Palmer.  However, Logan and Palmer are caught in the middle and don’t know if they can trust the resistance.

Throwaways Vol. 1 was written by Caitlin Kittredge with art by Steven Sanders and Paul Little.  Image Comics published the volume in 2016.

This series started so strong and I was really excited to see how the story progressed.  The scene in the PTSD support group was really intense. After Palmer’s CO gets activated by the phone call and kills everyone he tries to kill Palmer, but his gun jams.  He clears the chamber and puts the gun under his chin. His last words are “Don’t tell Jada I was scared.” I thought this would set the tone for the comic as being serious, intense and heartbreaking.  However, the rest of the volume is not.

Most of the comic is very lighthearted and never captures that tone again.  I wanted to see a whole volume like that scene, but I was disappointed.

The powers in the volume were done in a weird way.  Palmer is surprised by her powers like she should be.  However, Logan is not. Logan uses his powers and never acts surprised or mention how he has had these powers for a long time.  The volume implies these are newly discovered, but we get no confirmation either way. Logan not freaking out was unrealistic and took me out of the story a bit.

I found the volume a bit boring.  It doesn’t explain any backstory for anyone but Palmer.  There are a bunch of characters who I bet have interesting backstories, but we don’t get to see those.

The fighting in the volume was basically only Palmer fighting at super speed.  These lead to Palmer taking out multiple people in a single panel. I wanted to see Logan and Palmer fighting in big drawn out fights.

Throwaways Vol. 1 doesn’t deliver on the promise of the first issue.  This was just an alright comic which I can’t say I loved or hated.


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