Wolverine’s soul is sent to Hell, but his body remains on Earth in Wolverine: Wolverine Goes To Hell.

All the years of being a weapon and killing are starting to take their toll on Logan.  He is talking to an old Weapon X buddy who has turned his life around and become a pastor.  Logan wants redemption for all the wrongs he has done over his long life. When Logan leaves he leaves with a little bit of relief getting these worries off his chest with someone who has conquered them.

Three weeks later Logan returns, but he is no longer himself and is cutting a path through the innocent to get to his old friend.  Our once beloved protector and friend has been possessed by something or someone evil.

Down in Hell Logan’s soul wakes up not knowing what kind of nightmare he now lives in.  All day he fights a seemly endless amount of people. He eventually discovers he is fighting everyone he has ever killed.  This includes Omega Red and later we see Sabretooth. All the fighting leads to the devil himself and Logan truly discovers what this place is.

The devil gives Logan two choices, kneel or be tortured until he does.  To no one’s surprise Logan doesn’t like being told what to do and spits right in the devil’s mouth.  However, the devil has some tricks up his sleeve and brings out some old friends.

Up on Earth Logan’s body is making its way through Logan’s friends.  One by one he is killing all Logan’s friends and allies. However, he is not the only one and a group of goons known as The Mongrels are doing the same thing.  Their next target is Logan’s girlfriend, but she gets help from an unlikely source, Mystique. Mystique has a plan to get Logan back and just needs some help from a few demon killers.

Wolverine: Wolverine Goes To Hell was written by Jason Aaron with art by Renato Guedes.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2011.

A comic with Wolverine going to Hell seems like a surefire badass comic, but this was a let down.  I wanted some serious fight scenes, but there were very few and were always pretty short. Wolverine has some world class fighters as friends and I expect some amazing fights.  Wolverine both his body and his soul made them look like chumps.

The story never really had any real struggle.  Logan fought the devil, but he was never in much danger and was just delaying the devil.  When I read Wolverine I don’t want him to give up and play the long game. I want Wolverine to go berserker and kill everyone in a gory massacre.

On Earth Mystique and her team never really faced any real threat from possessed Logan.  They fought but were able to subdue him without much incident. I want everyone to be badass and every battle to be close.  The volume had an opportunity for some dream fights, but everyone looked like a chump.

This volume was just so boring and I am shocked.  Wolverine can kill everyone without caring because everyone is already dead, but we don’t get to see that.

The good parts of the volume were Logan dealing with his guilt for all the killing he has done.  He regrets his past life and how not all the people he killed deserved to die. That stuff was interesting, but it was only a small part of the volume.

This is not an awful comic it was just disappointing.  However, if you want some comics in the same theme I know two.  Wolverine: Enemy of the State by Mark Millar will fill that Wolverine is brainwashed and on a rampage fix.  Amazing X-Men Vol. 1: The Quest For Nightcrawler by Jason Aaron has the X-Men going to Hell to rescue Nightcrawler.


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