The Rose Table is at it again! This month bringing us a stunning, and delicious, Beauty and The Beast inspired dinner party. You will be eating, laughing, and having a ball up until the last petal falls with this one.

“Be our guest, put our service to the test”

The dining room is simple, yet elegant letting the red roses shine, and every item served is from a line in the song “Be Our Guest.” The photos look so amazing, I’m surprised the flatware isn’t entertaining.

Starting out with cheese souffles that look to die for. Then onto the main course, Beef Ragout with buttered baguettes. I love one pot easy recipes and this one is definitely next on my list to try! And can we take a moment to appreciate the super cute cast iron soup pot!  For dessert, you can’t have a Beauty and The Beast dinner party without the grey stuff! Now, you no longer have to take a trip to Disneyland/World in order to give it a try. Check out The Rose Table’s super quick, easy, and delicious recipe that you can do yourself in the comfiness of your own home!

Every Adult Themed Disney dinner party The Rose Table does makes me more, and more excited for the next. Get ready for Mulan!


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