Earlier this year, we broke the news that Marvel Stuidos was looking to cast a “femme fatale” to star opposite Tom Holland in the 2019 sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Our original report indicated that the studio was “on the hunt for a European actress in her 20s to play what was described to us as a ‘femme fatale'” and we offered up some speculation at the time that while any number of characters might fit that bill, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Jessica Drew and even Kate Bishop from Earth-1610 might make the most sense.

With casting still in the early stages, the original description was very vague but now our source has passed on a little more info that might help to start clearing things up a bit. According to our source, the same role that was originally described as a “femme fatale” is now also described as a Bond-girl type international agent. Given that information, we can certainly eliminate Black Cat and Kate Bishop from the mix and can feel fairly confident in pushing Silver Sable into the maybe pile, leaving only Jessica Drew from our original list of potential candidates. Here’s what we had to say in our original report.

Drew grew up in the fictional European country of Transia in the shadow of Mt. Wundagore. Drew acted as an agent of Hydra for some time before becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a key player in the Skrull Secret Invasion. A reimagined Drew could make for a very interesting character opposite Parker and be introduced into the MCU ahead of her rumored appearance in an all-female Sony film or a potential Marvel Studios Secret Invasion film.

If the role is, in fact, Drew, it would be a major opportunity for the actress as Spider-Woman is one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes that has yet to appear on film.

Additionally, it seems that the international female agent, whoever she is, will have some help in the field as the studio is also looking to cast a male (40-60) and a female (40-49) in lead roles as agents. Given what we know about the film’s villain (be patient, that’s coming soon!) we aren’t surprised to see a team of agents out on the lookout!

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will begin production this June ahead of a July 5, 2019, release.



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