Pop-Pop gets a treat?

A lot of buzz has been building for SYFY’s new show, Krypton which is set 200 years before baby Superman escapes the planet’s destruction. Other than the story revolving around Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, not much else is known about the plot of the show itself – until now! We have obtained a copy of the episode descriptions and they give us the first real taste of what is in store for the Man of Steel’s ancestors.

Episode 1.1 “Pilot” Airs on March 21, 2018
Directed by Colm McCarthy, Written by David S. Goyer and Ian Goldberg
Description: Seg-El gets his prostate checked. Our hero finds himself waking up several times a night to go to the bathroom and visits the doctor to see if it’s a more serious medical issue.

Episode 1.2 “House of El” Airs on March 28, 2018
Directed by Zack Snyder, Written by David S. Goyer
Description: When Seg-El crashes his car into the drive-thru at the Space Arby’s he loses his license and his son, Jor-El has concerns about his father’s driving. They have a difficult conversation about balancing his safety and the safety of others against Seg-El’s need for independence.

Episode 1.3 “The Rankless Initiative” Airs on April 4, 2018
Directed by Pete Whetman, Written by Kevin Smith
Description: Seg-El has problems with his iPhone, but no matter how hard Jor-El tries to explain how to work it, Seg-El just can’t seem to understand this really simple task that everyone else can do. Seg-El takes it to the Apple store and has the employee there explain the same thing Jor-El did, like, 20minutes ago so he just stands there embarrassed.

Episode 1.4 “The Word of Rao” Airs on April 11, 2018
Directed by Michael Bay, Written by David S. Goyer
Description: In a shocking twist, the house of El discovers Seg-El has a secret kid!! When Na-Non, the daughter Seg-El never knew he had when he was stationed overseas, shows up at his door, all H’el breaks loose.

Episode 1.5 “Under A Red Sun” Airs on April 18, 2018
Directed by Pete Whetman, Written by David S. Goyer
Description: In a very special episode, Seg-El must face his demons and wean himself off of powerful pain meds. After being prescribed Vicodin to treat his kidney stones, Seg-El is dragged into a downward spiral of addiction.
Special guest star: Wilford Brimley.

Episode 1.6 “Can you print out this Email for me?” Airs on April 4, 2018
Directed by J.J. Abrams, Written by David S. Goyer
Description: SEASON FINALE – The imminent destruction of the planet Krypton is on everybody’s mind except Seg-El because he watches Fox News and according to them, this is just another liberal scare tactic to encroach on our civil liberties.


By Eric Filipkowski  Follow me on Twitter @EricFilipkowski

More exciting leaks, articles, and vids to come as we March to Krypton!!!



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