With filming set to begin on Sony and Marvel Studios Spider-Man sequel in just over two months, the casting process is well underway. The hunt is already on for a Bond-girl type femme fatale to star opposite Tom Holland and a pair of agents to work with her in the field and with costume fittings and script reads that need to take place, those roles could be cast at any moment. Now, thanks to our source, we know that Marvel Studios longtime casting director Sarah Finn is on the lookout for two more major roles as well!

It’s apparent from what we do know about the film that Spidey will be spending some time overseas and, according to our source, the film’s villain may have something to do with that. We are told that the script calls for a villain with “elevated ideas” but that, in an interesting twist, not only has the studio not pinned down the ethnicity of the villain, but they’re also open to auditioning male and female leads, ages 30-45,  for the part!

As you can imagine, this makes it pretty difficult to guess who we’re dealing with at this point, but it certainly fits the mold Jon Watts and crew established in the first film when they showed us that they weren’t afraid to tinker with fan’s expectations by updating Spidey’s supporting cast to be a more accurate representation of modern day New York. So while we’d love to be able to tell you definitively that it’s Norman Osborn, Kraven or even Otto Octavius, this info makes that pretty difficult.

What MIGHT serve as an additional clue is that while they’re searching for the film’s antagonist, they’re also searching for an 18-24-year-old male lead of any ethnicity for a high school student. This is a significant role in the film and we’re told that while this part may not lead to a spinoff film, they’re looking for someone who can hold their own with Holland and has “leading man” qualities of his own. With the studio being open to ethnicity with both this character and the villain, it could be possible that they’re connected (maybe a mother/son, father/son duo) and the studio would cast one before casting the other. Of course, that’s 100% speculation on our part, but at this point, it’s all we can do with so little to go on.

At this point, it seems like any number of villains are still in play. An argument could be made that many of Spidey’s villains believed themselves the superior of most men or found themselves changed by the work they did to elevate the species. Anyone from Miles Warren to Michael Morbius to Spencer Smythe could fit the bill. For now, we’ll leave it to you guys to do your own speculation and we’ll try to stay on top of the story for you!

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theaters July 5, 2019!


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