Publisher and localizer Marvelous Europe (SENRAN KAGURA, VALKYRIE DRIVE) launch ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION in the West for the very first time with exciting HD visuals and effects. All of the game’s DLC is available at launch as well!

The year is 208X. War has broken out amongst the colonies and it’s up to you and the other officers of your Battle Mech Peace Keeping Force called DAT to investigate a disturbance on Mars. Use your missiles and various mech boosters to defeat waves of enemies and assure the safety of your team and the migrants of Earth from the ever-growing threat of the ANTS uprising. It’s up to you and your task force to figure out who – or what – is leading the insurgency.

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION features intense mech-based combat over 35 full-length battle-heavy missions, a horde mode, over 100 mech-customizations and much more!

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