With the novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi set to release next week, more and more pages keep getting leaked and today one, in particular, caught my eye.

One of the most talked about scenes in The Last Jedi was when Luke projected himself on the planet Crait while never leaving the planet of Ach-to.

It was a Force projection, and this scene pissed off legions of die-hard Star Wars fans. It took so much out of like that when he was done he passed and vanished in to thin air on Ach-to.

But now in the new novelization, Luke actually had a straightforward decision to go with Rey and Chewie to Crait to help the Rebellion.

In fact, when he walks in on Rey communicating with Kylo through the Force, he was on his way to tell her about his change of heart.

“Rey was right. She needed him,” the novel reads. “As did Leia, and the Resistance, and all those desperate for hope. His grief and guilt had left him unable to see that, unable to see anything but darkness and despair.

“In trying to shield the galaxy from his failure, he had walled himself off from everything – including the prospect of hope.”

Imagine if Luke would have actually gone. What would have changed? Would Luke have faced off with Snoke?

We’ll never know.


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