Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch hasn’t been as MIA like Hawkeye when it comes to the merchandise for Infinity War. And a new image on Reddit proves that.

An image on Reddit shows a Scarlet Witch picture, and it seems like this picture in question, which you check out below, is and could be a design for a t-shirt.


Scarlet Witch is played by Elizabeth Olsen, who last seen was in hiding out with Captain America’s team of ex-Avengers after the events of Captain America: Civil War. In the footage from Infinity War released thus far, it seems she has reunited with Vision, who was previously on Iron Man’s side in that superhero conflict.

Other set photos have shown the two embracing, and there will likely be more focus on the romance between the two, which Olsen has previously alluded to.

“In any other world, I would say, ‘I don’t know,’ but because there are paparazzi photos that kind of spoil things for fans – I think it’s safe to say that we now get to explore that part of the comic book,” Olsen explained. “We get to introduce and really explore their relationship. It creates a really exciting arc for me and I’m so lucky I get to work with (Paul) Bettany all the time now.”

As for her partner in this storyline, Paul Bettany, he could not be more thrilled about the expanded storyline, saying,“I think, for both Lizzie and I, it’s the most exciting plotline of each of us so far.”

Now, they are expected to return for Avengers 4, but with Marvel, you can’t ever predict if things will end up staying that way.

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